European Equine Entrepreneurship (EEE)

This Project aims to set up an equine entrepreneurship education Network. This Network will aim to improve the entrepreneurship competences in the curricula of equine education. During the project we will compare the existing curricula throughout Europe and – together with the sector – define the key competences needed by the sector. The key competences will be implemented in courses offered by the partner schools. This will contribute towards the transparency and recognition of skills. Incorporating these key competences in the curricula will improve employability within and outside of Europe.

Partner schools will investigate setting up international courses for students from other countries, thus creating a Network of ’expertise centers’.

Coordinator of the project is Aeres Groep/Groenhorst Barneveld (NL) and partners are: Raahen koulutuskuntayhtymä/Ruukin maaseutuopisto (FI), Chichester College (UK), Roskilde Technical college (DK), Equipeople Ltd (IE), Stichting Holland Horse Foundation (NL) and Sectorraad Paarden (NL). Project has started in October 2016 and will end in September 2018.