Student association and tutoring

The student association and tutors play a major role in the atmosphere at school. They plan and organise various events and functions throughout each year, such as the Lybetron gaming event, Valentine’s Day Surprise, and the Halloween party. All these fun events are organised by our active student association and tutors!

New tutors are trained each spring and the board of the student association undergoes training each autumn. All are welcome to participate, as long as they continue to ensure that their studies progress appropriately. Active students also set a good example to others. The person in charge of these activities is educational instructor Ms Riikka Pyykkö.

Every student studying at the Lybecker Institute automatically becomes a member of our student association, which:

Represents students

  • Oversees the interests of the students (e.g. student representatives in working groups and committees)
  • Develops the institute and its common activities
  • Elects a new board from amongst its members every autumn


  • Support, give guidance and advise new students
  • Organise events
  • Have experience and knowledge of the Lybecker Institute, studies and on-the-job learning
  • Participate in the marketing of the school