The Lybecker Institute operates from two units:

Sofia Lybeckerin katu 1
office, library
Animation and game development
Graphic design
Visual and media art
Media production

Tervahovinkatu 1
Interior and furniture design
Interior decoration
Carpentry and upholstery
Textile studio, degree programme in textiles

Mailing address:

Lybecker Institute
Sofia Lybeckerin katu 1
P.O. Box 88
92100 Raahe, FINLAND

Telephone (office):
+358 400 653 602

Invoicing address:

We prefer e-invoices.
All invoices must state: Raahen koulutuskuntayhtymä, Lybeckerin opisto

E-invoice code: TE003702102879
Business ID: 0210287-9

E-invoice operator: Tieto Corporation, operator code: 003701011385.

Please send invoices in paper format to:
Raahen koulutuskuntayhtymä / Lybecker Institute
Rantakatu 5 D
FI-92100 Raahe