Lybecker Institute

Lybecker Institute is the oldest Finnish-speaking educational institute in its field in Finland, and has provided education since 1844. The Institute is a part of the Raahe Joint Municipal Board for Education. The institute is located in Raahe, a seaside town of 22,500 residents which has an active student and cultural life.

Our institute has four programmes leading to a vocational upper secondary qualification:

Vocational qualification in audiovisual communication. After the first year, the students can specialise in media production or animation and game development.

Vocational qualification in visual expression with specialisation in graphic design or visual and media art.

Vocational qualification in crafts and design, with specialisation in textiles in the degree programme in product design and manufacture, or interior and furniture design in the degree programme in environmental design and construction.

Vocational qualification in upholstery and interior decoration, for the title of decorator. The studies include interior decoration and upholstery.

Although the degree programmes are different from each other, they all have a strong emphasis on creativity and craftsmanship. The studies also focus on entrepreneurship and labour market know-how. All degree programmes include on-the-job apprenticeships to strengthen the student’s expertise in hands-on work in companies operating in the field.

The students can also study or complete their apprenticeships abroad. We also offer double degrees for students wishing to complete a vocational qualification and matriculation examination at the same time. All our graduates are eligible for further studies, which mean that you can apply for a place at a university or a university of applied sciences of your choice.