Interior and furniture design

The studies focus on the creation of interior designs for practice and client projects using professional software, the furnishing of private and public spaces and the differences between the two, as well as interior decoration materials and their surface treatment methods. The studies include a minimum of 40 competence points in an on-the-job apprenticeship in the field.

Graduates are eligible for further studies, which means that you can apply for a place at a university or a university of applied sciences of your choice.

Degree: vocational qualification in crafts and design, artisan


Graduates work in the field of interior design of private homes, business premises and shops. They can work as well as in sales and advisory tasks in interior decoration companies.

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Tuition is offered in Finnish. A language test will be organised for non-native speakers of Finnish who have no other certification of their Finnish skills. The objective of the national language test is to verify that the applicant has sufficient written and spoken language skills in order to complete his or her studies.