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Raahe Vocational Institute

Vocational Qualification in Metalwork and Machinery:
Study Programme in Manufacturing Technology; Machinist, Plater-welder, Mechanical Fitter

Vocational Qualification in Electrical Engineering and Automation Technology:
Study Programme in Electrical Engineering and Energy Technology, Electrician
Study Programme in Automation Technology and Maintenance, Automation Assembler

Vocational Qualification in Construction:
Study Programme in Construction, Builder

Vocational Qualification in Building Maintenance Technology:
Study Programme in Plumbing, Pipefitter

Vocational Qualification in Vehicle Technology
Study Programme in Vehicle Technology, Vehicle Mechanic

Vocational Qualification in Laboratory Technology:
Study Programme in Laboratory Technology, Laboratory Technician

Vocational Qualification in Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services:
Study Programme in Restaurant Meal Production, Restaurant Cook
Study Programme in Restaurant Services, Waiter/Waitress

Vocational Qualification in Hairdressing:
Study Programme in Hairdressing, Hairdresser

Lybecker Institute of Crafts and Design

Vocational Qualification in Crafts and Design:
Study Programme in Design and Construction, Artisan
Study Programme in Product Design and Manufacture, Artisan Textile and Clothing
Study Programme in Product Design and Manufacture, Artisan Woodwork

Vocational Qualification in Upholstery and Interior Decoration:
Study programme in Interior Decoration, Interior decorator

Vocational Qualification in Audio-Visual Communication:
Study Programme in Media Assistant, Media Production
Study Programme in Media Assistant, Animation, Game Design

Vocational Qualification in Visual Expression:
Study Programme in Graphic design, Visual Artisan
Study Programme in Visual and Media Arts, Visual Artisan

Ruukki Agricultural Institute

Vocational Qualification in Horse Care and Management:
Study Programme in Horse Care and Managemen, Groom
Study Programme in Horse Care and Managemen, Riding Instructor

Vocational Qualification in Agriculture:
Study Programme in Agriculture, Rural Entrepreneur


Raahe Municipal Education and Training Consortium provides qualified vocational upper secondary education and training at three different schools in Raahe region. Each of these schools offers several different study programmes.

At the moment the institutes have about 1000 students, most of them receiving initial vocational training at the age of 16-19 years. Most of the students come from Raahe and the surrounding villages yet a considerable number also comes from all over Finland.

The average length of a training programme is three years, which gives students an initial vocational qualification and the skills to work in the employment of one’s choice. The three-year training programme consists of theoretical studies, practical studies in the college workshops, and a minimum of six-months´ work experience in working life. All education and training is given in Finnish.

European cooperation includes annual student and teacher exchanges and participation in joint European projects.

For further information, please contact:

Ari Hannus
+358 40 135 7109
International Coordinator